Relive the fun of light

Don't be above the life in the name of intelligence

Original Digital Audio Control technology

Forget about all complex connection operations, use after power plugged

No Bluetooth,No WiFi,No Zigbee

Scan and Control

User can choose not to download APP, use your phone to scan the QR code on the packaging, or type the short URL "", a web page will be opened, through digital sound from which you can control the Heelight.

Lockscreen Control

Thanks to digital audio control, you can control the Heelight without unlocking the phone. This ultimate experience will give you great convenience, you don't need to enter password, find the APP, then use the function any more.

Fast Transfer-Switch

We give the familiar switch a new mission, you can switch on or off rapidly to transfer light effect, which generally can only achieved through APP. Recently used 5 light effects will be used as a transfer loop.

Heelight-Show, Light Show

Our original mission is to share you beautiful light through our lights,this is Heelight original light show. We elaborately choose lights which move us in our daily life, and express them in 28 kinds of light effects, which reproduce 28 kinds of life scenarios. From now you can turn on Heelight to enjoy the Sunrise, turn off Heelight to enjoy the Sunset, enjoy cherry blossom and fireflies, and even have a party at home.

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