More spread, more beauty of light

Heelight Bluetooth OEM is born for spread of beauty of light.
The advantage of Heelight is software, light effect algorithm and expression of light effect, so we want to cooperate with more manufacturers,
we can offer complete product plus software solution, or chip plus algorithm solution.
You can utilize your advantage, then we can together let more people enjoy the beauty of elegant light effect.


In Heelight-Show, every light has a story, you can feel empathized while you enjoy the light.
Bluetooth OEM series also support Heelight-Show, and more and more light effect will be designed.
With Heelight-Show, you can lighting with Sunrise and Sunset, eat under cherry trees, propose marriage under firefly group, and also you can host a party at home.

More link,more communication of light

Heelight Bluetooth series use BLE mesh technology, which has lower power consuming,
more channels to reduce interference comparing to traditional Bluetooth. And multiple bulbs can be controlled by APP at the same time,
and can be divided into groups. No matter one single bulb, all bulbs or a group of bulbs, you can control with ease.

Independent APP, easier to OEM

Heelight Bluetooth OEM series have independent APP for each manufacturer,
and keeping same controllability as Heelight.Cooperators don't need to worry about software development,
just directly produce and sell your products.